Friday July 11, 2014


“Indaba Mama” commented the Bishop somewhat quizzically to his colleague as he strolled past a gathering of animated women engaged in easy storytelling, song and prayer under the generous shade of a flame tree. And indeed, this gathering (indaba) was reserved solely for women who had gathered once before in Dodoma for prayer, Bible study and conversation but connected that time by the power of technology to the Anglican Women at Prayer (AWaP) conference held at VTS in March (

Claire Haymes (CACS Program Coordinator) can testify to being embraced by the song and prayer of the group. She thanked them and then listened. Listened to stories of young pastors with responsibility for six to ten churches in far-flung parishes. Stories of long journeys to minister to growing congregations. Stories of eagerness for the AWaP Bible study resources in Kiswahili. Stories of connectedness beyond their own context through prayer and mission. Female delegates from the main inter-religious conference, Christian and Muslim alike, joined the group during one of their breaks and much animated discussion followed on the female voice in faith and practice in East Africa.

Thank you to Rev. Mary Kanyamala, Rev. Pendo Magayo, Rev. Anna Yohana, Rev. Violet Lugoley, Rev. Mary Sangaya, Rev. Hilda Kabia, Rev. Raheli Mwaluko for their ministry and their openness to connecting beyond their own context. It is in prayer and in such cross-cultural face-to-faceness that we in the Anglican Communion are at our best. It is such internationalism that has marked VTS out as distinct in the past. CACS remains committed to building on that internationalism for the future.

The Rev. Robert Heaney, Ph.D.,D.Phil.
Director of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies
and Assistant Professor of Christian Mission