Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer restroom renovation project.

The quiet of the library is punctuated by the sound of jackhammers as the public restrooms on the main and top floors are being gutted. The restrooms will be rebuilt and will have new fixtures, ventilation fans and an upgraded entryway. Most importantly, they will be made compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, providing full handicapped-accessibility.

The library staff has become expert at working amid construction after several summers of renovation projects. We appreciate the improvement in quality of life that upgraded facilities bring to staff and patrons alike. The challenges this summer include periods of water outages (which require trekking to the Addison building for restrooms and coffee). Last week a chipmunk came in the side doors propped open for construction and found its way to the top floor, where Technical Services Librarian Lisa Williams discovered him and herded him down two flights of stairs and back outside. Staff members perform all kinds of duties beyond their job descriptions!

Last month Public Services Librarian Karen Madigan presented a paper on “A Theology of Hospitality in the Library” at the annual conference of the Center for the Study of Information and Religion at Kent State University. She said, “For many who are in need of help, libraries and churches are safe environments where help can be sought... We want people from the youngest children to the elderly to feel welcome as they search for the information that brings them into our building.” May the library be a safe environment for all of God’s creatures.

Mitzi Jarrett Budde, D.Min.
Head Librarian and Professor