Thursday, July 17, 2014


 “What leadership qualities will higher education leaders of the future need that are different from those required today?” “How would your staff describe your leadership style?” “What distinguishes transformative leadership and servant leadership?” These are some questions from the American Theological Library Association’s mentor-mentee program that I’m pondering this week as I begin a year as a mentor to a librarian who aspires to become a library director. The Bishop Payne Library staff will also engage some of these leadership themes through the coming year, such as how to plan, how to manage people, how to communicate, and how to manage financial resources.

Mentoring programs, summers, sabbaticals…these are opportunities to raise our sights from the day-to-day tasks, however urgent, to look for the bigger vision of what we are doing. In a seminary context, these discussions only have meaning in the context of vocation: what is God calling us to be? And how are we living out that call in this particular ministry context – as individuals, as a department, as an institution, as a church, as the people of God?

In the 1980 cult classic movie, The Blues Brothers knew that they were on a mission from God. We should be equally as focused (though perhaps without the car chase).

Mitzi Jarrett Budde, D.Min.
Head Librarian and Professor