Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A week in the life of the library.

It’s hard to provide a snapshot of all the activity that goes on in a library, but the library staff thought that we would try. Here is what happens in an average week during the spring semester (statistics courtesy of Electronic Services Librarian Cindy Harper):
Patrons accessed:
* the library catalog 596 times;
* their own library patron record 126 times;
* the electronic resources page 113 times.

Patrons borrowed:
* 235 books;
* with 80 renewals of books already checked out;
* 54 e-books.
 Students and faculty downloaded:
* 57 full-text articles from the primary religion database;
* 39 full-text articles from other databases;
* 23 online Encyclopaedia Britannica articles.
Alumni/ae downloaded:
* 94 full-text articles from the primary religion database.
On average during this week, the BPL librarians and archivists:
* answered 72 reference questions from patrons;
* assisted numerous researchers in-house and via email and phone;
* selected, ordered, and cataloged 50 print books;
* received 60 print periodical issues;
* processed archival collections;
* managed the library catalog and databases.
In his recent book, The Case for Books, Harvard University library director Robert Darton characterizes the research library as “a citadel of learning and a platform for adventure on the Internet,” and says that it “deserves to stand at the center of the campus, preserving the past and accumulating energy for the future.” Come and visit the Bishop Payne Library “citadel.”

Mitzi Jarrett Budde, D.Min.
Head Librarian and Professor