Akaloo Youth (Thematic)
Akaloo Youth (Thematic)
Augsburg Fortress, 1-800-328-4648, www.akaloo.org
Ages: Grades 7-8 and 9-12

Akaloo is lifelong faith formation for the entire congregation. Jesus said, “Follow me”, and Akaloo is based on this simple, radical call to discipleship. Akaloo combines Web and print resources in one program with three parts:

• Leader web sites
• Learner web sites
• Learner handbooks

In the Youth segment, 7th-8th grades are on a two-year cycle. High school (9th-12th grades) groups are on a four-year cycle. Costs for the web portion (includes music) depend on the size of the worshipping congregation; learner handbooks are on sale separately for $9.95.