Books of Faith: Open Scripture, Join the conversation (Scripture-based)
Books of Faith: Open Scripture, Join the conversation (Scripture-based)

Augsburg Fortress (Lutheran – ELCA)




In response to a church-wide initiative to increase Biblical literacy throughout all congregations, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) developed the Books of Faith Series, a comprehensive Scripture study resource that includes foundational courses, studies for individual books of the Bible, study group leader training, and lectionary and thematic studies. Studying the Scripture is approached from four perspectives:

  • Devotional reading
  • Historical reading
  • Literary reading
  • Lutheran Theological reading
Web-based resources, print and multi-media materials, and publicity helps are available. Studies are continually updated, and web seminars keep local churches up-to-date.


Spending time on the Book of Faith website (above) reveals the varied materials that can assist a congregation in launching such a Biblical literacy effort. Costs depend on the needs of individual parishes, and the developers make clear their belief that there is no single way to implement the initiative. It is a rich resource for Lutherans and others.