Claim the Life (Thematic)
Claim the Life (Thematic)

Abingdon Cokesbury, 1-800-672-1789, www.cokesbury.com

Ages: Jr. and Sr. High


Claim the Life is a six-year, comprehensive spiritual formation plan for youth Sunday School. Annual themes for grades 7-9: Journey, Word, Faith. Sr. High themes: Promise, Story and Call. For each year, two 16-week semesters of lessons are available, leaving time for seasonal celebrations and other special events. Each session opens with “Tending”, worship/ritual; and closes with “Sending”, a reflection and a sending-forth. The “Teaching” section includes two different lesson plans on the topic. DVD discussion starters are also available. www.claimthelife.com gives more information on content, and provides web support for teachers. Mid-week web messages to parents and youth are in each leader guide.


Curriculum parts:

• Leader guide (includes CD-ROM) for each semester.

• Student Bookzine

• Veracity Video Vignettes DVD (to be used with option B lesson plan)