Emmaus: The Way of Faith
Emmaus: The Way of Faith

Church House Publishing, London; www.chpublishing.co.uk. (No longer available in the United States, but may be ordered directly from the UK publisher)


Emmaus, the Way of Faith is a course designed to welcome people into the Christian faith and the life of the church. It aims to involve the whole Church in evangelism, the nurture of new believers and ongoing Christian discipleship. The course moves through three stages of development: contact, nurture and growth.


• Stage 1: Contact -- Connecting with People Where They Are. This booklet recognizes that the most important part of evangelism starts long before a course on Christianity begins. Finding people to take the course is the most demanding part. It includes suggestions for making contacts, and it makes the case that "belonging comes before believing." Most people join a church and then find faith, rather than the other way around. The road to Christ starts with relationships.


• Stage 2: Nurture. This is a 15-session course on the basics of the Christian faith, suitable for an enquirers' group, adult confirmation class or a refresher course. The course book includes a CD-ROM with class handouts, PowerPoint presentations, prayer and worship resources, etc.


• Stage 3: Growth. The Growth materials are intended to help Christians deepen their understanding of Christian living and discipleship. They may be used as a follow-up to the Nurture course or independently. There are four Growth books, each including multiple courses of 3-10 sessions each. The four books are entitled Christian Lifestyle, Growing as a Christian, Knowing God, and Your Kingdom Come. Each book includes a CD-ROM with class handouts, posters, PowerPoint presentations, etc.