Episcopal Children's Curriculum - PreK - 6th grade (Thematic)
Episcopal Children's Curriculum - PreK - 6th grade (Thematic)

Materials are available for download free-of-charge at www.vts.edu/icfl/center/published.


Age Levels:


Primary (grades 1-3)

Intermediate (grades 4-6)


The Episcopal Children’s Curriculum (ECC) is rooted in scripture, the Book of Common Prayer and the Hymnal 1982. Each year of the curriculum has four units: Old Testament, New Testament, Sacraments, and The Church. Content follows the church year, including All Saints and Pentecost.


For each multi-age group ECC offers three years of material, entitled:


Shell Year (in which Baptism is studied)

Chalice Year (in which the Eucharist is studied)

Cross Year (in which worship is studied)


The years may be taught in any order, and the format provides fresh material every year a child is in the multi-age class.

  • Curriculum parts include:
  • Director’s Guide
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Teacher’s Packets (pictures/patterns)
  • Student Books
  • Take-Home cards (PreK and Primary)
  • Symbol cards (Intermediate)
  • Puzzle Pad (Primary)
  • Church Times Newspapers (Intermediate)
  • Supplemental Teacher Guides

Teacher guides, teacher packets, and other resource material have been translated in pdf files for downloads.