Genesis to Revelation (Bible Study)
Genesis to Revelation (Bible Study)

Abingdon Press, available from Cokesbury, 800-672-1789



Genesis to Revelation is a comprehensive verse-by-verse, book-by-book study of the Bible that uses the New International Version. The class studies each section of scripture text in three Dimensions, as follows:


• Dimension One: What does the Bible actually say? (no interpretation at this point).

• Dimension Two: What information do we need to understand the meaning of the passage? (original meanings of words? when was the passage written? geographic and cultural factors? etc.)

• Dimension Three: What is the meaning of the passage for my life? What response does this passage require of us as a group?


Authors of the various books in the curriculum are established theological scholars and educators.


Curriculum parts:

• 4 Leader's Guides, each covering 5-7 books or groups of books of the Bible

• 24 Student Books, each covering 13 weekly sessions


Note: There are 312 weekly sessions in the complete curriculum.