Godly Play - Preschool - 6th grade (Montessori)
Godly Play - Preschool - 6th grade (Montessori)

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Through the imaginative presentation of Bible stories, Godly Play invites children to wonder about themselves, about God and the world in a way that is playful and meaningful. The origins of Godly Play are in the work of Sofia Cavaletti and the Montessori movement. Through the use of simple wooden story figures, children learn Bible stories from Old and New Testaments.

Godly Play teaches children the tools of religious language and assists them in becoming more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives. Designed to be flexible, Godly Play can be used in Church School or other settings.


Godly Play: Volume 1, How To Lead Godly Play Lessons

Godly Play: Volume 2, 14 Core Presentations for Fall

Godly Play: Volume 3, 20 Core Presentations for Winter

Godly Play: Volume 4, 20 Core Presentations for Spring

Godly Play: Volume 5, Practical Helps from the Godly Play Community

Godly Play: Volume 6, Additional Enrichment Sessions to Supplement Fall

Godly Play: Volume 7, Additional Enrichment Sessions to Supplement Winter

Godly Play: Volume 8, Additional Enrichment Sessions to Supplement Spring


Godly Play: Volumes 2, 3, and 4 also available in Spanish.


Godly Play: Parent Pages, Fall

Godly Play: Parent Pages, Winter

Godly Play: Parent Pages, Spring


Godly Play Training films (available in DVD or VHS formats) for fall, winter, and spring.