Kerygma Program
Kerygma Program
The Kerygma Program, 800-537-9462, www.kerygma.com.


Kerygma offers a selection of group study resources designed to teach the basics and complexities of the Bible, develop skills for interpreting scripture, and apply learnings from the Bible to life in today's world. Studies range from "foundational" one-year studies -- including “Discovering the Bible” and “The Bible in Depth” -- to shorter courses of seven sessions each. For example,

• Amos and Hosea: Boundaries, Tough Love, Amazing Grace

• Job and the Life of Faith

• Hallelujah: the Bible and Handel's Messiah

• Blessed Are You: the Beatitudes of Jesus in Scripture and Life

• God With Us: the Gospel of Matthew


Kerygma titles now total over thirty. Kerygma authors are established educators, clergy or faculty from the Presbyterian or other mainline churches. Kerygma studies are used by many denominations.


Curriculum parts:

• Leader's Guide (print, and also CD-ROM for newer titles, so the leader can easily customize lesson plans) for each study.

• Resource Book for participants for each study.


Newly added in 2009 is the The Kerygma Challenge, an every member, pulpit-led, in depth, Sunday morning study of the Bible.