Living the Good News (Lectionary)
Living the Good News (Lectionary)

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Living the Good News is a lectionary-based curriculum available in two versions: Revised Common Lectionary (used by the Episcopal Church and most other Protestant denominations) and Roman Catholic. Sold by the quarter, fall through spring, it provides a lesson plan for each Sunday based upon the three readings and the psalm. For enrichment, the lesson plan also includes poems, art (on posters) and music (from CD).


In addition to the Adult version, this curriculum is available for all age levels from Nursery (ages 2-3) through High School (grades 10-12). Downloadable supplemental materials are available online to purchasers. These include power point slides, additional Bible material, more class activities for all ages, church history articles, etc.


Curriculum parts for adult classes:


• Adult Leader's Guide

• Adult Scripture Journal for participants --includes text of the three lessons, reflection questions, prayer starter

• Poster Packet for Adult and High School

• Enhanced CD Set --music, stories, & videos (one set for all ages).