Living the Good News All Ages (Lectionary)
Living the Good News All Ages (Lectionary)

Living the Good News, 800-824-1813, www.morehouseeducation.org


Age groups:

• Young Teen (grades 7-9)

• High School (grades 10-12)


This is a lectionary-based curriculum available in both a Catholic and Revised Common Lectionary version. Sold by the quarter, fall through spring, it provides a lesson plan for each Sunday based upon the three readings and the psalm. For enrichment, the lesson plan also includes poems, art (on posters) and music (from CD).


In addition to the youth versions, Living the Good News is available in all age levels from Nursery (ages 2-3) through Adult.


Curriculum parts for Young Teen:

• Leader's Guide (quarterly)

• On the Edge magazine (quarterly)

• Poster Packet for Intermediate/Young Teen (quarterly)

• Enhanced CD Set --music, stories, & teacher background (one set for all ages, annually).

Curriculum parts for High School:

• Leader's Guide (quarterly)

• Flash Point journal (quarterly)

• Poster Packet for High School/Adult (quarterly)