Living the Questions
Living the Questions
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Living the Questions 2.0 is a newly revised and expanded 12-session web & DVD-based curriculum designed for small group discussion. The producers describe LTQ as "an unapologetically liberal alternative to the Alpha course." It makes a case against fundamentalism and dogmatic certainty, and encourages people to "live the questions" instead. Presenters on the DVDs include such well-known names as Marcus Borg, John Shelby Spong, Amy-Jill Levine, Helen Prejean, and Hans Kung, as well as many other professors, artists, and church leaders who call themselves "progressive Christians."

Sessions cover such topics as the Role of Biblical Authority; Thinking Theologically; Creativity & Stories of Creation; Evil, Suffering and a God of Love; Intimacy with God; Social Justice, and a Kingdom without Walls.


Each DVD segment is about 30 minutes long. The 2 ½ hour session is expected to include a light meal, a DVD segment, discussion, wrap-up & closing.


Component parts:

• DVD set (2 disks)

• Leader's Guide (downloadable)

• Participant Text (downloadable)

• Supplemental Materials (downloadable)