Seasons of the Spirit (Lectionary)
Seasons of the Spirit (Lectionary)
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Seasons of the Spirit is an ecumenical, international lectionary-based curriculum that strives to build strong faith communities by integrating the ministries of Christian education, worship, and service. This curriculum invites the entire church community to imaginatively engage scripture through activities that pay particular attention to multiple learning styles. This will include discussion of current events connected to each session theme, and surveying the arts at the heart of each bible study. In addition, Seasons of the Spirit uses art from diverse cultures for its posters, and focuses on providing inclusive images, language and stories to promote the love of God to all. Online help is also provided to purchasers.


In addition to the Adult version, Seasons is available for these age groups:


Birth to Age 2

Ages 3-5

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-11

Ages 12-14

Ages 15-18

Multiage (5-12)


Curriculum parts include:

• Congregational Life. This volume is for parish leaders: clergy, worship leaders, Christian education leader, and more. Includes printed music, and a data CD with song lyrics, poster images for projection, articles for church bulletin, etc.

• Seasons Music CDs.

• Quarterly 3-ring notebooks with lesson plans for each age level. Includes teacher's supplement, music and poster pack.

• Supplemental resources are available for subscribers by download from the Seasons website.