Seedlings Curriculum - PreK - 6th grade (Thematic)
Seedlings Curriculum - PreK - 6th grade (Thematic)
Seedlings Curriculum. Thematic. PreK – 6th grade
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Preschool through Sixth Grade
Developed in the Episcopal tradition, the Seedlings Curriculum is an affordable Biblically-based curriculum that is specifically designed with the small church in mind. Based on a four-year cycle, this curriculum offers units that are flexible, self-contained and usable in any order. Each unit is also easily adaptable for use in Vacation Bible Schools or other non-Sunday and seasonal settings. The Seedlings Curriculum provides an introduction to all major Bible stories and events, and strongly encourages teachers and their students to be creative in exploring the experiences, feelings, and attitudes of Biblical figures.
Each year’s materials include:
  • Lesson plans for 36-40 sessions
  • Introductory materials for the class coordinator