TeenText (Lectionary)
TeenText (Lectionary)

The Bible Workbench, 800-624-4644, www.bibleworkbench.com.


TeenText -- Where God's Story and Teens' Stories Connect is a lectionary-based process that helps high school youth (9th-12th grades) connect the Gospel text on the page with events in their daily lives. The NRSV Bible is used. Through discussions guided by a series of open-ended, text-related questions, participants begin to see the Bible as a relevant resource, one that can inform them throughout their lives.


The open-ended questions are in three categories:

• What's happening here? (Setting? Actors? Action? Theme?)

• How is this happening in my world today? (Literally? Metaphorically?)

• How is this happening in my life today? (Literally? Metaphorically?)


Each of the three major questions is supported by 12-20 questions which will help the group explore and understand the text. TeenText aims to meet youth where they are. The philosophy is that "the student is the curriculum."


TeenText is published by the Educational Center in St. Louis MO, publisher of the adult program, Bible Workbench. Editor is William L. Dols, an Episcopal priest with a PhD in biblical studies and psychology.


TeenText is sold by annual subscription. Weekly reflection questions may be handed out or emailed in advance to participants.