The Thoughtful Christian (Thematic)
The Thoughtful Christian (Thematic)
The Thoughtful Christian, 800-624-2412, www.thethoughtfulchristian.com.

The Thoughtful Christian is a web-based resource center, filled with studies ranging from 1-4 sessions each for adult groups and individuals. Developed by Westminster John Knox Press, the publishing arm of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., it is an ecumenical site with writers from various denominations and backgrounds. Its mission is to help Christians wrestle with difficult questions by stimulating informed conversation and reflection about living faithfully in a complex world. New studies, including rapid responses to current events, are being added on a regular, ongoing basis. A Youth component is also offered.


The studies are grouped into these six categories:


• Contemporary Issues

• Popular Culture (movies and books)

• Bible and Theology

• Christian Living

• Spirituality

• In the News


Studies range from one to four sessions each. Each session is designed to last 45-60 minutes. Individuals or churches may purchase studies for download by annual subscription, study packs of five units, or single studies. Small congregations may be eligible for reduced subscription rates.


Each study includes:

Leader's Guide (2-5 pages)

Participant's Handout (3-4 pages)