The Thoughtful Christian (Thematic)
The Thoughtful Christian (Thematic)

The Thoughtful Christian, www.thoughtfulchristian.com.


The Thoughtful Christian is an ecumenical, online resource center of downloadable Christian Bible studies for youth and adult groups. Useful for Sunday School classes, Bible study groups and individual reflection. The focus is on ways that Scripture can address questions of everyday life.


Studies are grouped into six categories:

• In the News

• Contemporary issues

• Popular Culture

• Bible & Theology

• Christian Living

• Spirituality


Materials are available by annual web subscription, by purchasing downloadable individual studies, or by ordering a Basic Pack of five studies. The current events focus is updated frequently to reflect the rapidly changing world in which we live. A variety of resources are made available to those congregations that subscribe for a full year, and small congregations are eligible for reduced subscription rates.


Representative topics for youth include:

• Finding God in Times of Tragedy

• What’s Baptism All About?

• Finding Meaning in my Music

• Movies (several topics)

• Imagining Heaven

• Freak Not: Dealing with Daily Pressures