Weaving God’s Promises (Thematic)
Weaving God’s Promises (Thematic)
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Weaving God’s Promises is a three-year Episcopal Sunday school curriculum consisting of 36-47 lessons per year. This comprehensive downloadable curriculum is designed to provide children with the basic knowledge of Church teachings in Christian education, workshop and service. The great stories of the Bible from both the Old and New Testaments are central to the lessons with emphasis on the life and teachings of Jesus. In addition, children learn about the history of the Episcopal Church and its practices as well as the application of principles and practices of Christian living and its importance in fostering a growing faith.

Ages: 3-11 suitable for both individual age (see below) and multi-age groups.

Preschool (up to age 4)
Primary (kindergarten-first grade)
Elementary (second & third grades)
Intermediate (fourth & fifth grade)

Curriculum is entirely downloadable. Cost varies and is based upon the average attendance at worship services.