Summer at VTS

Weeklong Intensives at Virginia Theological Seminary
June 16-20 and June 23-27                                        
Explore, reflect and study alongside graduate students at Virginia Theological Seminary. Choose a subject matter that stretches your knowledge while immersing yourself in an intensive theological learning environment.

Course fee is $200. The deadline for applying is May 27. Click here t
o download an application.

Spirituality, Leadership and Mission
LTE 325 05
Dr. Kathy Brown
June 16-20 8:00-11:50 am

This course will explore the Christian Spiritual Tradition for what it offers people in positions of leadership, to deepen their own spirituality and to place their spirituality in service of the mission of the Church. Questions to be explored include: What are the understandings of our spiritual traditions – Benedictine, Salesian, Carmelite, and others – about what it means to be a leader? What are the virtues a leader should embody? How does a leader nourish his or her own spiritual life?

Governance and Mission
LTE 325 06
Dr. Daniel Heischman and Ms. Kathryn Glover
June 16-20 8:00-11:50 am

This course will consider leadership from a theological perspective for those in both parish and school leadership ministry. Questions to be considered are: What is pastoral leadership? How are patterns of decision-making, authority and governance in our respective institutions compatible with our pastoral instincts and training? What resources—scriptural, spiritual, intellectual, psychological, material—do we offer as leaders when encountering new situations or in times of crisis?
Sacred Texts in Education
LTE 325 07
Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams
June 23-27 8:00-11:50 am

Liturgy, music, poetry and the visual arts are languages of the spiritual life.  Students in this course will come to a deeper appreciation for each of these expressions of the inner life and discover new ways in which to use these insights in their ministry.

Spirituality, Liturgy and the Arts
LTE 325 08
Dr. James Farwell
June 23-27 8:00-11:50 am

Students will examine ways of approaching the study of biblical texts and sacred texts from other religious tradition, the range of approaches to religious and scriptural instruction taken in different religiously-affiliated schools and universities, and the politics of religious and scriptural pedagogy in those settings. Through analysis of the issues shaping religious and scriptural education in educational settings, students will learn to weigh the benefits and costs of different ways of teaching sacred texts.

Aging in America
LTE 325 09
Ms. Dorothy Linthicum
June 23 – 26 6:30-9:30 pm

In American culture, aging is something to be avoided and is feared even by the young. This course looks at demographics that reflect the changing dynamics of society as baby boomers begin retirement, and the impacts of improved health and longevity of older Americans on quality of life issues. Students will explore psychological, emotional and physical changes that come with aging, including current research on brain development. Increasing numbers of the elderly in congregations make this topic especially important in church ministry today.