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  • Monday, May 20, 2019

    After many months of planning and design, the Refectory renovation is scheduled to begin today, Monday, May 20. While construction will create a new and improved dining experience, in the long run, it will definitely bring some inconvenience over the next few months.

    The biggest change will be the temporary dining tent which will be located on the lawn outside of Scott Lounge between Moore Hall and Johns Hall. It will have lights, a floor, removable walls, ventilation for the warm months and heat for the cool months. It will seat about 150 guests and will have drink stations and two buffet lines. We will use compostable plates and cutlery, and continue to offer composting and recycling.

    In addition, during the month of July, you will see the Wilderness transformed into a temporary Flamingo Cafe which will re-open in August. A tractor-trailer containing a mobile kitchen will appear near the Wilderness garage. The Refectory will be enclosed in a temporary six-foot fence, and the only entrance will be at the loading dock. Whiting-Turner (our general contractor) will have their office trailer there, and all deliveries will come in that way.

    Beth El Congregation is generously allowing our construction workers to park in their back lot. So, you will see workers walking from the back lot, past the old post office to the Refectory loading dock each day. They will generally arrive by 7:00 a.m. and leave by 3:00 p.m. All construction workers will have hi-visibility yellow shirts or vests, plus hard hats with ID stickers on them. You should not see workers in other places on campus. Finally, see attached a “site utilization plan.”

    The Rev. J. Barney Hawkins IV, Ph.D.
    Co-Director, Bicentennial Campaign
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VTS is asking alumni to consider sharing with us special memorabilia from their time in Seminary. While our Archives has a rich treasure trove of Seminary materials, for our Bicentennial celebration we would like to highlight personal memorabilia from our alumni. Perhaps it is a graded paper from Charlie Price with his handwritten comments, or a letter from your sending rector that came at just the right moment in your seminary life, or a treasured photo of classmates now dispersed across the country. Please consider sharing these cherished items with VTS for our Bicentennial celebration. 


The second opportunity for alumni and friends is a group activity. We are looking for 200 (at least) photos of alumni who have grouped themselves on the steps of Aspinwall Hall in the pose of these early missionary alumni. We will exhibit these photos—all 200+ of them!—during our time of Bicentennial celebration. We anticipate the exhibit will show the changing nature of leaders in the Church through the decades and will be a rich addition to our celebration of VTS alumni.

Please consider both of these opportunities and know that you will be hearing more about the Bicentennial in the months and years ahead. As always, this comes with prayers and blessings from all of us on the Holy Hill!

For more information on either of these, please contact Shelagh Casey Brown at
For information about Countdown to 200 at VTS, please contact
From the 200 sermons that the Rev. Mark Jefferson, visiting assistant professor of Homiletics, will preach  to the 200 unique plantings that will adorn the Holy Hill, VTS is planning on honoring our 200th anniversary in many ways between now and October 15, 2023.

Please return often as this page will be frequently updated. 

Marking 200 Years with 200 Sermons

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