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  • Tuesday, April 23, 2019

    Easter Sunday was a difficult day. We learned of the horrendous slaughter of Christians in Sri Lanka that killed 290 people. We have deep connections with Sri Lanka. We have two students with us now; we know and love Bishop Duleep De Chickera. When one part of the body of Christ is hurting, we are all hurting.

    Sometimes it is hard to see hope. We all live with some pain. We are often consumed with fear and anxiety. The Cross assures us that God is right in the midst of that pain. And Easter reassures us that ultimately love and hope do triumph. Even if the route to that love and hope is through death, we worship a God that has triumphed over death. Hopelessness and despair are forbidden: we will come through. 

    We recognize this truth while at the same time we are invited to be agents of resurrection hope and love to others. This is the challenge of Easter: we are here to be change agents. So as we step into the challenge of Easter. We live into the season with a sense of appropriate joy, yet recognizing all along that God is at work in this season. We have a world to change. Let us settle down and do that work knowing we do so in the power of the resurrected Lord.

    The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
    Dean and President

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