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Construction Updates & Info

Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) is well into our season of renovating and renewing the campus for our looming third century of ministry and mission. We began with Key Hall which is now Bicentennial Hall. We have won one award and are up for a second prestigious award from the Washington Chapter of AIA. 
This past February we blessed the renewed Coffield Refectory, Scott Lounge, 1823 and Seminary kitchen. We are now completing that massive effort with the installation of a blue stone terrace off of 1823. The new terrace will have an arbor with an awning and fans for steamy summer days and a gas fire pit for cool fall evenings.
Addison Academic Center is sparkling! The lower level is a stunning, new home for Lifelong Learning. The rest of the building is refreshed and repurposed for current teaching practices. We will all enjoy the sleek, modern Flamingo! 
The lower level of Addison will also host the high-tech digital wall we are calling “The Seminary’s Saints and Stories.” More on this amazing project at another time.
On August 15 renovation of the Bishop Payne Library commences. Dr. Mitzi Budde, our Head Librarian, and her dedicated library staff have undertaken the monumental task of relocating part of the collection to the Welcome Center for the next year. Also, part of our substantial Archives will be stored off campus, as part of Archives is installed with offices in the lower level of Bohlen where Lifelong Learning has been most recently (LL is now in the renovated Addison Academic Center). 
Once the $12m renovation of the Bishop Payne Library is completed, the Welcome Center will be renewed and refreshed. That will be in the fall of 2021. 
The Deanery will be renovated, as the Dean and his family move to another campus residence for 12-18 months. The Deanery is a private home and a public venue. The renovation will embrace both of these realities. 
There’s other construction proposed or in the planning stages. Also, with the Deanery construction will come additional parking and landscaping. 
The Commonwealth of Virginia has deemed construction as “essential.” So, we have progressed our Bicentennial Campus Construction, trying to make the most of these unpredictable times. 

The Rev. J. Barney Hawkins IV, Ph.D.,
Co-Director, Bicentennial Campaign

Construction Updates

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