Academic Programs

Doctor of Ministry in Educational Leadership

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The D.Min. program in Educational Leadership was launched in 2005 to strengthen educational, organizational, and spiritual leadership in independent and religiously affiliated schools, universities, and education-oriented institutions—places where the formation of mind and culture are at the heart of ministry and mission. The program helps educational leaders hone their capacities to form and transform young lives, and to work creatively with parents, peers, and public to shape cultures committed to God’s transforming work in the world.
Core courses for DMin in Educational Leadership
History of Philosophy of Education in America
Sacred Texts in Education
Moral and Ethical Leadership
Governance and Mission
Theology and Psychology of Human Development

Students will also find a wide array of topical courses including “Religious Diversity in Schools and Colleges,” “Fostering Cultures of Spiritual Guidance,” “Dynamics of Conflict and Change,” “Information Technology in Classroom and Chapel,” “Holistic Environments of Integrated Faith and Learning,” “Spirituality, Liturgy, and the Arts,” and other courses on curriculum and other education-related topics.
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