Academic Programs

Doctor of Ministry in Ministry Development

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Our world needs wise Christian leaders who can use a variety of perspectives and tools to read and understand challenging situations, think on their feet, point to the Holy, and open paths of transformation in peoples lives.
Since 1975 we have been helping religious leaders do just that.
Pastoral leaders from many denominations come to our Ministry Development program
  • people who serve in churches, hospitals, the military, mission fields, and public sectors
  • people with 3 – 30 years of experience in religious leadership
  • people with proven skills and leadership, who want to wrestle with new challenges
Students in Ministry Development focus on the building and strengthening of Christian communities, and on the bridge-building and connecting of Christian communities with their surrounding neighborhoods, towns, and cities for the sake of common mission, the Common Good, and a living witness of God’s Good News.
Core courses for DMin in Ministry Development
Foundations of Christian Mission and Community Formation
Ministry in Context
Building Evangelizing Communities
Moral and Ethical Leadership
Governance and Mission
Students will also find a wide array of topical courses including “Leading from the Pulpit,” “Liturgical Theology for Congregational Mission,” “Dynamics of Conflict and Change,” “Intentional Missional Leadership,” “Human Emotions and Ministry,” “Holistic Environments of Integrated Faith and Learning,” “Fostering Cultures of Spiritual Guidance,” and other topical courses related to the building and bridging of communities.

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