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Master in Divinity

The Master in Divinity has traditionally been centered on the development of a comprehensive understanding of Christian Tradition, and in our curriculum this task is continued as one center of the student’s formation.

Scripture is the foundation of the curriculum. Students are required to take a biblical Language (Greek or Hebrew) and introductory sequences in both the New Testament and the Hebrew Scriptures. Other departments use Scripture to integrate their studies with the biblical roots.

The academic curriculum for the Master in Divinity degree at Virginia Theological Seminary seeks to balance two values: first structured discipline in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for ordained ministry and second freedom for students to pursue knowledge and skills to which they feel called. There are a wide variety of courses available to students both on campus and through the Washington Theological Consortium.

Students will integrate their understanding of the Christian Tradition with their understanding of the world and grow in their life with God. Students are required to pay attention to the life of study by attending classes, to the life of prayer by attending daily chapel and to a life of interaction with community by participating in the noon day meal.

Requirements for the Master in Divinity Degree:

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