Admissions & Aid

International Students

Application Requirements and Application Materials

Virginia Theological Seminary offers study at the Graduate Level, which requires a particular educational background.  We will not consider applications from those who do not possess the following qualifications:

1. A bachelor's level (Baccalaureate) degree, preferably with a major in Theology or a related discipline.

2. Documentation of outstanding academic work while in college or university (in the English system, upper second level 2.1, in the US system, B average or higher). If transcripts, diplomas and other documents are in a language other than English, certified translations of the text into English must accompany the original documents. All academic credentials must also be accompanied by a third party evaluation that equates the academic work completed in the students home country with College and University degrees in the United States. A list of third party evaluating organizations is posted in the download section at the bottom of this page.
3. Proficiency in using written English as demonstrated by the submission of an original essay of 5-6 typed, double spaced pages. This essay should include:
  • A brief description of your understanding and practice of Christian ministry.
  • An assessment of your academic abilities and preparation for graduate level study.
  • An articulation of a clear statement of educational goals that can be directly related to a course of study offered at Virginia Theological Seminary.
The application process for international students is completed in two stages.
The first stage includes completing the on-line electronic application form which can be accessed from this webpage (click here to access the application), and submitting the appropriate, complete and original application materials through the mail so that the packet of application materials arrives by the December 1 deadline. Original documentation of previous academic work from accredited institutions must be submitted along with evidence of sufficient fluency in written and spoken English to function at the graduate level. If the policies of the University from which you graduated do not permit them to send transcripts to you, then these can be mailed directly to the Admissions office at Virginia Theological Seminary. The address is:

Admissions office
Virginia Theological Seminary
3737 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22304

After these initial materials have been received and reviewed by the admissions committee, qualified applicants will be contacted to complete the second stage of the application process.
The second stage of the admissions process will include:
  • Arranging for a personal admissions interview, either through SKYPE or another web based conference-call system, or in person in the applicant’s home country with a representative of Virginia Theological Seminary
  • Completing the Need Based Financial Aid Form (see below for further information)

Paying for your education:
Virginia Theological Seminary offers financial aid to students based on their financial need and the amount of available funding they have from other sources. After a preliminary review of the electronic application and other application materials, those who will continue in the admissions process will be invited to complete the financial aid application so that financial need can be determined by the Director of Financial Aid. The maximum financial aid grant offered by Virginia Theological Seminary is sufficient to cover MOST costs of attending seminary (tuition, room, board). However, money for living expenses and international travel are not included in this grant. Students should be able to document that they have sufficient funds available to pay for two round trip airline tickets from the home country and to meet financial needs not covered by the financial aid grant.


Final Deadlines

June 1 is the deadline for submission of application materials for US citizens planning to enter a master's level program in the following August term/Fall semester.  

December 1 is the deadline for international applicants wishing to begin study in a master's level program in the following August term/Fall semester. This deadline applies to applicants who are not US citizens and are not currently residing in the United States

October 1
is the deadline for those beginning the M.A., Anglican Studies, and Diploma in Theology programs in the Spring term.
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