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Financing Theological Education at the Doctoral Level

To assist doctoral-level students, Virginia Theological Seminary significantly subsidizes tuition for all students in its Doctor of Ministry program. The Seminary’s endowment and annual contributions allow us to keep tuition at a modest level for all our academic programs.

In addition, the Seminary offers limited financial aid for Doctoral students.  One type of aid comes in the form of D.Min. Ministry Context Grants that are awarded to students based on the context of their ministry. These grants help reduce the cost of TUITION.  Because doctoral students must be employed and ministering full-time to be enrolled in the Seminary's D.Min. program, VTS does not award grants based upon the student's financial need. Grants are instead targeted to students who minister in newly launched churches or organizations, or in churches or organizations that reach underserved and/or financially challenged populations, so that the benefits of a doctoral-level educated minister may have the greatest impact on the Church and God’s people. Ministry Context Grants range from $800-$2,000 and assist with only a portion of each residency’s tuition costs. Students must secure funding for all remaining tuition, room, board, fees, books, and travel expenses. International students are required to demonstrate capacity to meet all financial obligations, including any annual visa fees, as the Seminary cannot assume financial responsibility for students from other countries.  To be considered for a Ministry Context Grant, prospective student must complete the D.Min. Ministry Context Grant Application Form and submit it along with required admissions application materials.

Another source of financial aid comes in the form of grants offered through the Crum Scholarship Program. 
Doctor of Ministry students in their first, second, or third term of residency are considered for scholarships from The Käthe and Milton Crum Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) Scholarship Fund. Any doctoral student currently active in the program will be considered, with some priority consideration given to Episcopal clergy and graduates of Virginia Theological Seminary. Scholarship awards may be renewed across consecutive residency terms, but renewal is not guaranteed. Scholarship awards for any recipient who subsequently takes a leave of absence from the program will be discontinued, but, given good academic standing, the student will again be considered upon return to the program.
To be considered for the scholarship, one must be newly accepted to or an active student in the Doctor of Ministry (or Doctor of Educational Ministry) degree program of Virginia Theological Seminary, in good academic standing.
In consultation with the Doctor of Ministry Committee and the Admissions Committee, the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program will consider students for scholarships from this fund based on the following criteria:
  1. Strong past academic performance and strong academic capacity as evidenced in undergraduate and graduate transcripts, quality and depth of writing in application essays, and recommendation letters. For returning students, ongoing academic performance and capacity in the DMin Program are considered in light grades and instructor feedback.
  2. Strong experience and adeptness in ministry and leadership in religiously-affiliated or religiously-sympathetic organizations and settings, as evidenced in current and previous work in contexts of ministry and leadership (including churches and regional judicatories, schools and universities, hospitals and health-related agencies, and social service and social justice agencies. Other previous or simultaneous occupations will be considered for their contribution to a student’s array of ministry and leadership capacities. Performance and impact in current and prior settings will be considered, as noted in resume, essays, and recommendation letters.
  3. Current work of ministry and leadership that addresses particular challenges (internal and/or external) in a setting, as evidenced in resume, essays, letters, and context grant application. If needed, additional description of the context of ministry and its impact may be requested. The following provide examples of types of settings given priority in consideration for student scholarship:
    1. Smaller organizations and settings with significant impact or with potential for increased impact.
    2. Newer organizations or communities of faith facing challenges of growth and development.
    3. Organizations and settings engaged with people and communities that are typically under-served or less privileged.
    4. Organizations and settings in which there is direct and sustained intentional work with people, families, or communities affected by disabilities or tauma.
Scholarships in amounts up to $2,000 per year will be awarded. Total funds available per year for student scholarships are $6,500. The Director of the DMin Program will bring potential recipients to the Admissions Committee for discussion and approval of award.
D.Min. students are encouraged to network for sources of funding through their ecclesiastical governing bodies, their places of worship, and their employing institutions. Funding may also be pursued from various private scholarship foundations, as well as from educational and civic organizations with which the student is affiliated.

Payment Options
With all financial support considered, some students may still find they need help in meeting their personal payment responsibilities. The Seminary offers payment flexibility by accepting one-time or incremental payments made in advance of a residency, as well as payment via credit card. The Seminary also makes available an interest-free installment payment plan so that students may pay each residency’s billed charges over the course of several months.
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