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Mitzi Budde
Head Librarian & Professor

Prof’s Picks
February 2019
The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D., Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary, recommends the following books as part of the Bishop Payne Library's monthly series highlighting a faculty member's "picks":

Tara Westover, Educated: A Memoir (Random House, New York, 2018)
The critical acclaim is much deserved. This is a rich narrative for Mormon fundamentalist and survivalist family meets university education and a Cambridge Ph.D. The portrait of the family is always affectionate, even when some are cruel or damaging. You are taken inside a remarkable life and invited to appreciate the achievement of education.
Edmund Gosse, Father and Son: A Study of Two Temperaments (Heinemann, London, 1908)
The novel Educated reminded me of this early 20th century forerunner. Growing up in the Plymouth Brethren, the son was shaped by his fundamentalist upbringing, which became acute as his zoologist father agonized over an appropriate response to Charles Darwin. Elegantly written and beautifully shaped, it is a book that stays with one. 
Ian Bremmer, Us vs. Them. The Failure of Globalism (Portfolio Penguin, New York, 2018)
This one is not a biography. It is just the best book around that helps us understand our historic moment. It takes the populist movements of the world and identifies underlying dynamics. It shifts the focus from the preoccupation with tweets (or whatever) to the macro issues that are really at stake.

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Just a reminder that Alums retain borrowing privileges with the Bishop Payne Library and can request these as well others in the catalog be sent at no cost.  Alums do pay the shipping costs for the books’ return.

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