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2011 Interreligious Conference: Preparing for the Tenth Anniversary of 9-11 and Beyond

In March 2011, Anglican leaders from around the world, Episcopal congregations from throughout the United States, and Muslim clergy and leaders came together for a conversation about what their churches and communities can do to respond faithfully to traumatic events in the life of their communities, help prepare for the tenth anniversary of 9-11 and build lasting relationships with their neighbors.
In July 2010 over 55 Christian and Muslim leaders from Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania gathered together for three days of community building, networking and professional development in Dodoma, Tanzania. The conference, largely focused on conflict analysis and peacebuilding, was organized by the Msalato Theological College in Dodoma and the Virginia Theological Seminary and hosted by Bishop Mdimi Mhogolo and the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika.


Nurturing the Next Generation of Leadership

From April 29 –May 2, 2009, VTS hosted a conference, Nurturing the Next Generation of Interreligious Leadership: finding models that invite, support and help form men and women to overcome the challenges of interreligious relationship building in order to promote peace in our world. The conference brought together over 40 leaders for two days of discussion. The seminary is very grateful for a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation which made this conference possible.

The conference was attended by leaders from the Episcopal Church and beyond. Participants included Christian and Muslim college chaplains, educators from Episcopal secondary schools, Christian and Muslim leaders from faith based NGOs and think tanks, Episcopal Priests, seminarians and lay people. Over the course of the two days, six sessions framed the content of the conversations. Each session had one or two speakers who presented initial thoughts that led to vibrant small and large group discussion. The seminary would like to make all of these papers available to those who were unable to come to the conference; please find them below:


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