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Center for Anglican Communion Studies

The Center for Anglican Communion Studies

"The Center for Anglican Communion Studies is particularly well placed to provide hospitality to the Communion, to develop accessible resources for World Anglicanism, and to lead in practices of reconciliation across cultural, religious, and theological differences."
-The Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. Justin 
Welby,  Archbishop of Canterbury

Promoting and Practicing deeper community for the Communion

ResourceThe Center resources the seminary, the Episcopal Church, and the Anglican Communion through public events, lectures, conferences, and consultations promoting fresh perspectives on issues faced by Episcopalians. 
ReconcileThe Center promotes reconciliation through intercultural and interfaith work. We host consultations and conferences in the USA and beyond where people from different cultural and religious backgrounds explore peacemaking, community building, and mutual understanding.  
Reflecting on its core work, the Center has fellows in World Anglicanism, Public Theology, and Peace and Reconciliation.  
ReflectThe Center provides space for theological reflection. Through our Communion Sabbaticals program, we invite scholars from throughout the Anglican Communion, especially the Global South, to spend up to three weeks at VTS, sharing their expertise and joining in the community life of the seminary.

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The Center for Anglican
Communion Studies
Virginia Theological Seminary
Meade Hall
3737 Seminary Road,
Alexandria, VA 22304 USA
phone: 703-461-1735
e-mail: cacs@vts.edu
    • The Center for Anglican Communion Studies at Virginia Theological Seminary

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