By Kyle Matthew Oliver (@kmoliver)

Tagline: "Daily prayer for your MP3 player"
Genre: Prayer, Bible Study
Frequency: Daily
Availability: iTunes, RSS, direct download
Study guides: None (no need)

What are they up to?
Prayer, without ceasing. Each episode includes bells, music, a reading, reflection questions, and prayer time. Takes about twelve minutes.

Whom are they looking for?
Commuters, chiefly. Probably younger ones. The creators don't assume much about the faith experience of listeners, which makes this podcast a great resource for people new to prayer, or even to Christianity.

On the other hand, the reflection questions are obviously written with a variety of formation levels in mind. We know several dedicated lay leaders and clergy people listening to this podcast weekly.

Where are they coming from?
Their perspective is "big tent" Roman Catholic, as you might expect from a group of British Jesuits. I pray with this podcast 2–3 times per week, and I've rarely had concerns about the theological underpinnings of the prayer for mainline protestant listeners—even on the occasional Marion feast day.

Why do we love it?
It's prayer for the realities of modern life, grounded in the spiritual wisdom of a community that knows how to cultivate a life of conversation with God. Also, sometimes the music is by Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

How can you use it?
For your own personal enrichment, or with groups of people learning to pray with scripture.

Final verdict
I keep it in heavy rotation and recommend it every chance I get. It's saved my spiritual sanity on more than one occasion.

Study Guides
None available for this podcast.