Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hartley Wensing has worked at Virginia Theological Seminary since 2014 as the Special Projects Coordinator in our Center for Anglican Communion Studies (CACS). I am delighted to announce that, this month, Hartley becomes Director of Special Projects in CACS.
Hartley holds a B.A. in Religion and Anthropology from Princeton University and a M.S. in Educational Policy Studies/Intercultural Development Education from Florida State University. She brings to her work a wealth of expertise and experience from international and inter-cultural teaching, leadership development, and project management. 
As Special Projects Coordinator Hartley provided logistical and organizational support for the Director, as CACS serves the larger vision of the Seminary particularly through discrete and developing projects and relationships. As the work and reputation of CACS has grown in the wider church and Communion, so too the responsibilities of the Special Projects Coordinator have grown. It is right, then, that as Hartley has taken on a more strategic role in the department’s work, and also has taken on a representational role for the director and for the institution that her job title reflect such development.
Commenting on her contribution, director of CACS, the Rev. Robert S. Heaney Ph.D, D.Phil, says, “Hartley has a proven track record of outstanding service to Virginia Seminary. She brings to her work a calm competence that instills confidence in the vision and work of VTS throughout the Communion. She is an invaluable colleague with a range of gifts that have graced our work together.”  
Please take a moment today to recognize and congratulate our greatly valued and much-loved colleague!
The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D
Dean and President

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