Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Rev. Robert C Hooper (1995) sat in my office at 6pm. "You need to know that this has been a really good trip." Bob Hooper is here on the campus interviewing candidates for a position at St. James's Episcopal Church in West Hartford CT. He explained that our Director of Alumni and Church Relations, Ms. Shelagh Casey Brown, had been remarkable. Accommodation was booked, meal tickets provided, interviews were set, and bottles of water were provided during the day. Then he went on: "Every seminarian has arrived on time for his or her interview (which matters to Bob because those who are late are automatically impossible to appoint) and all have been likable." This was encouraging. Shelagh has worked hard on placement (she is understandably proud of our 100% placement rate); and our seminarians make a good impression. This is really good.

As the Board of Trustees gather on the campus, this impression from an alumnus who is running a strong, vibrant congregation in West Hartford, CT is really helpful. We strive to produce women and men who can make a difference to the Church. As the Board makes decisions about the priorities of the Seminary, this data from Bob will be shared; we need to continue to produce graduates that impress Rectors who are searching for persons who can support their ministry.

It is lovely to welcome the Board to the campus. They are generous with their time. We value their presence with us. Please do greet and meet our Board members.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D. 
Dean and President

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