Monday, February 12, 2018

For the past several months the Worship Committee has been discussing the possibility of using in our corporate worship a form of the Nicene Creed that omits the phrase “and the Son” (the filioque clause) from the third paragraph of the Creed, and that incorporates somewhat more inclusive language in reference to God. This change was approved by General Convention in 1994, to take effect in the next revision of the Book of Common Prayer.
The Worship Committee plans to host two forums on this topic this Spring. The first one, which will be held today, focuses on the use of inclusive language in worship. The second forum, to be held on February 28th, considers theological issues around the retention or omission of the filioque clause. Both forums will be held at 1:00 pm in Addison 101, and will include faculty presentations and opportunities for conversation.
Questions concerning the language we use in worship to refer to God are of course crucial for leaders in the church to consider. Our language shapes how we think about God, how we pray, and how we engage persons of other faith and of no faith. Especially in the Anglican tradition, in which praying shapes believing in a particularly profound way, interrogating the language of our prayer is an ongoing and vital task. We hope you will join us for today’s forum.
Ruthanna Hooke
Associate Dean of Chapel

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