Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Roundtable in Charlottesville was wonderful. Our host was our alum, Fr. Zachary Fleetwood. The venue was the beautiful St. Paul's Church in Ivy. The event was well attended. It was a three-course meal with a presentation that involved inviting guests to muse on admissions policy and conveying the exciting opportunities facing the Seminary.

It is hard work to organize a fabulous meal from a distance. I am grateful for the extraordinary skill of Ms. Ann Roebuck. Given the busy nature of people's lives, you can expect a response rate of approximately 20% to invitations to an event. So you do the maths - forty people were present last night, must have meant .... Then follow up is crucial. Each person present will receive a letter; each person who was invited is sent a letter; and plans to persuade our Roundtable friends to visit the Seminary need to be made.

Visiting the campus is crucial. We know from the CCMC (Customer Care Measurement and Consulting) data that if people visit the campus at least four times (this is the tipping point) then they feel very familiar with the Seminary. We also know from CCMC that those who are very familiar are six times more likely to give. So the science of philanthropy makes the work of Ann vitally important. Our mission and ministry depend on our friends. Our health and vitality as an organization depend on widening and strengthening our network of friends. So on an evening when friend making was the theme, let me just pause and thank the hard work of Ms. Ann Roebuck. It is much appreciated.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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