Thursday, March 8, 2018

It was an interesting discussion. The Worship Committee was musing on the best way to handle the psalm. The singers in the group wanted to participate and listening to a cantor was not sufficient; for others (like me), the joy of listening to a solo voice fill that space was literally divine. When Ms. Margie Baker sang the psalm at the Tuesday Eucharist, it was the moment when I prayed hardest. I loved it.

I do admire musicians. We have been singing the lovely arrangement of the Lord's Prayer, composed by Dr. David Gortner. And I freely confess I covet the skill. Creating music is such a divine activity; the tune is out there to be discovered; and it takes a deeply spiritual person to find it. I marvel. I appreciate the achievement.

We are blessed with many talented musicians. The Rev. Dr. Bill Roberts is good at encouraging the talents of the community to blossom; and of course, he is, himself, a talented composer (the gift of a composition in my honor remains one of the most memorable gifts ever). So today, let us celebrate our musicians - the exceptional gift of Schola, the Prayer and Praise band, and yes to Margie singing the psalm and David Gortner's Lord's Prayer. All of you touch the heavens with your gifts. Thank you.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham PhD.
Dean and President

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