Monday, March 19, 2018

The campus goes quiet for one week. Spring Break is upon us. There are no classes; many students head home. It is a pause in our busyness. A much-needed pause. But while things are easier for the students and faculty, our staff find that nothing has really changed. Instead, this can be a busy time of year.

Each department has a slightly different pattern. Facilities is handling new projects, office moves, and the regular pattern of grounds and maintenance. Life Long Learning is easing in a grant and continuing to work on imaginative programming. Church and Community Engagement is moving into its new home, progressing program, and also setting up the grant. Academic Administration and Student Life is in the hectic admissions season. CACS is facilitating a spring visit with the international students and members of the Cross-Cultural Colloquy in New York City, where among other things, they will visit the UN and our Church Center. Finance is finalizing the budget and preparing for the Finance Committee meeting. Hospitality has a new reception desk being built. Institutional Advancement is in the midst of a feasibility study for the capital campaign. Human Resources and Institutional Effectiveness is (yes it is singular because it is the name of the department) working on the light touch Strategic Plan review and has several vacancies to progress. There is no break in work for these and other departments.

It is important for us to learn to be sensitive to the different work cycles of different departments. Just because it is Spring Break for some, it is not for everyone. There is still so much going on. I want to thank all those who will hear the words "Spring Break" and have to cope with a reality that definitely is not a break. I am grateful for the way you handle this tension. 

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D
Dean and President

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