Friday, April 6, 2018

The publisher of the Episcopal Church is Church Publishing. And the recent Fall 2018, "New Releases from Church Publishing" makes for interesting reading. On page four, we find A Man Called Mark: The Biography of Bishop Mark Dyer, written by Tom Linthicum, with a forward by Rowan William, which tells the remarkable story of Bishop Dyer. Not to be outdone, in the same catalogue, Dorothy Linthicum teams up with Janice Hicks to write Redeeming Dementia. Robert W. Prichard is here with Issues in Prayer Book Revision, Volume 1. Jenifer Gamber (teaming up with Bill Lewellis) Your Faith, Your Life is on page 21. Timothy Sedgwick has his What does it mean to be Holy Whole? listed. And Kathryn Glover keeps me company with a forthcoming book called Community Rules

Alums of VTS figure prominently. Sharon Ely Pearson, Sam Portaro, C. Andrew Doyle, Gregory Millikin, C.K. Robertson, and Ragan Sutterfield (with his wife, Emily Sutterfield). All in all, it is pretty impressive. One institution in the Episcopal Church is the publishing hub of the Episcopal Church. Given our size, our status, and our reach, it is perhaps not surprising, but it is reassuring.

So on this day, let us congratulate ourselves. This is impressive. We are doing good work.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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