Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bishop Bud Shand is a precious member of the VTS family. He is an alum. Persuaded by Dr. Amy Dyer to do a Masters in Christian Education, he made this the focus of his work as a priest and later as a bishop. As one of the bishops of the founding dioceses, he was always present in my early years - making the journey from Easton to attend this or that committee. And then in 2009, he became the Board Chair. Every week, we talked together on the phone. He gave me counsel on personnel questions and offered guidance as to policy. Every semester he would make the journey to the Seminary to attend the Eucharist at the start of the year. He was with me when the Chapel went up flames. He was with me when the capital campaign started. He was in the chapel for the Senior Class when they wanted to celebrate the first Eucharist in that space even though it wasn't yet built. He opened 1823. He blessed the apartments. He was the person who supported Vice President Melody Knowles when I was on sabbatical. He has been a good friend and a fabulous mentor.

Tonight the Board of Trustees will celebrate the Bishop Bud Shand years. His distinguished service as a Trustee and Board Chair will be recognized. We will take the opportunity to thank his wife, Lynne, who has been a vital part of VTS. We are grateful for their service. They have both made a difference.

So any member of the faculty, staff, and students who see Bud around the campus, please pause and say thank you. Bishops are busy people. The gift of their time to make VTS operate well is extraordinary. Thank you Bud. We are grateful.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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