Friday, May 18, 2018

Next week, the commentary will focus on the results of the Board meeting. However, please allow me one last reflection on Commencement yesterday. It was amazing. The sermons at both the Service for the Mission of the Church and Commencement were excellent (and in a very real sense connected). The music at both was great. The organization was good. And our graduates and their families enjoyed the experience.

There are many to thank. Academic Affairs and Student Life was at the heart of the operation. Thanks in particular are due to Taylor Mather, Rachel Holm, Wendy Bermudez, Mara Sherman, Monica Sloan, Karen Rollins, and Derek Greten-Harrison. Tami Shepherd took some time away from the library to check in on this or that. Meriwether Godsey fed us all very well. And of course almost everyone was volunteering - from handing out umbrellas to helping provide direction, and dashing guests back and forth in the rain on a golf cart. It was the VTS family at our best.

However, one little episode is worth sharing and highlighting. Cornelia Eaton, our first student from Navajoland under the partnership we signed four years ago, was graduating. A Navajoland flag was sent to the Seminary to the Jon Musser. However, there was no flag pole. Dave Mutscheller got on the case. At 8am, the flag pole kit was picked up. Stuart Dahlinger made his way up in the rain and installed the flag pole. As a result, for the first year in a decade, the Texas flag was replaced by the Navajoland flag. It was a delightful moment; I am sure Texas did not mind. But more importantly, our Facilities team went above and beyond to make this possible. Thank you so very much.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham Ph.D.
Dean and President

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