Wednesday, May 30, 2018

“Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion” (MTC) is a research and book series project started by the former Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion, Bp. Graham Kings. The vision for the movement was to raise up new doctors for the Church beyond the dominant cultures that are often seen as definitive for Anglican theology and polity.
The next meeting of the MTC is in Dallas, Tx from May 29 – June 3. I have the great privilege of attending the conference and of being a respondent to one of the papers. The papers range over a fascinating set of subjects broadly related to Mission Studies or Intercultural Theology. Scholars from Kenya, India, Singapore, Egypt, Cuba, Turkey, Malaysia, Brazil, and South Africa will address topics including discipleship in the New Testament, evangelism in Africa, the mission of God in multi-faith societies, pastoral care in diversity, witness and the politics of identity, and child and youth formation.

Not only is the project and the scholarship exciting the process is also intriguing. Participants write chapters, send them to respondents, and then deliver them at the conference. Because space for revising the chapters is built into the program, by the end of the conference a draft of the book is ready.  

Do not be surprised if the Center for Anglican Communion Studies adopts such a model in the future!

The Rev. Robert Heaney, Ph.D.,D.Phil.
Director of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies and Associate Professor of Christian Mission

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