Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Something lovely and lively is stirring across the Episcopal Church. It has been almost three years since the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry was elected and confirmed as the 27th Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church. He quickly became known as the CEO, or Chief Evangelism Officer, for his passionate and convicted preaching. He consistently proclaims, “We are the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement!” And, “if it is not about love, it is not about God.” Presiding Bishop Curry has not only inspired the globe with his hopeful, courageous sermon at the Royal Wedding. Closer to home, he has renewed our denomination’s commitment to Christian discipleship.
People are talking about Jesus, reading their Bibles, and forming intercessory prayer groups in numbers I have never seen in thirty years of ministry across the Church. Independent church organizations, networks, and institutions are collaborating to sponsor revivals and promote faithful practices. A new Facebook group, Episcopal Evangelists, was launched less than a month ago and already has 2300 active members. I participated in a collaborative effort to create formation resources to support this movement, and they will be unveiled by the Presiding Bishop at General Convention 2018!
In ten days, I will host the first Baptized for Life residency to launch a five-year, Lilly Endowment Inc.-funded ministry initiative in six dioceses and 22 congregations. And, guess what? It is all about creating Christian lives of meaning and purpose. The timing couldn’t be better.

Lisa Kimball, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning
Professor, Christian Formation & Congregational Leadership

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