Thursday, June 14, 2018

Advent is coming. Advent is always coming. Advent IS coming, it begins on December 2nd.
AdventWord, an initiative first started by the Brothers of Saint John the Evangelist, is in its second season of being guided by Lifelong Learning at VTS. In 2017, this worldwide visual and prayer-filled Advent Calendar reached over 17,000 people via email and then expanded its reach through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In 2018, each of the daily meditations will be translated into at least nine languages, including French, Spanish, ASL, Italian, German, Chinese (and more!). It is awe-inspiring to see how pilgrims from around the globe prayerfully respond to the word of the day in the language of their hearts by additional meditations, pictures, drawings, photos, videos, and poems.
Last year, with great skill and quickness of wit, our very own Barney Hawkins wrote 24 meditations that were distributed to 2017’s #AdventWord followers. For 2018, VTS is reaching out to our global partners, alumni, and on-campus friends to write daily lectionary-infused short reflections. #AdventWord not only shares the possibility of a seasonal discipline, but also a real opportunity to gather a group in prayer and strengthen the understanding of those in the greater Christian community, whether in your own church or of the Anglican Communion.
We began planning for the 24 days of Advent in January with great support from the #AdventWord project manager, Lauren Wilkes Stubblefield. Together, she and I, are coordinating meditation writers, translators, and sending out a world-wide invitation to pause and reflect amidst the demands of everyday life.  
We invite you to join us to be a part of the #AdventWord global prayer network, December 2-24!

Sarah Stonesifer
Digital Missioner and Learning Lab Coordinator

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