Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Looking at our doctoral summer residency from the outside in, it’s easy to overlook all of the tremendous effort that goes into making it work. This work comes from nearly every corner of VTS. The hospitality crew readies the dorm rooms for students, guest house residences for faculty, and classroom space for instruction. The staff in the Academic Affairs and Student Life department have helped students register for classes and organized their dorm rooms. The VTS Digital Learning Office has worked tirelessly to set up our new online learning software, Brightspace, and to build our online course sites. The staff of the kitchen and 1823 have provided wonderful food and lovely opportunities for fellowship. And who can forget the Flamingo coffee shop, which has opened up this summer just for our doctoral students! Each of these departments and many more have played their part in making the doctoral residency run smoothly.
I especially want to name and appreciate the work Mara Sherman, our Doctoral Programs Administrative Coordinator. Mara has been the organizing center of all of these efforts. She has gracefully moved between departments making sure that all the pieces are in place; she has done troubleshooting for our new online course sites. Mara has fixed things behind the scenes without anyone necessarily noticing. For her and for all of the VTS staff, we are so very grateful.

The Rev. Ross Kane, Ph.D.
Director of Doctoral Programs
Assistant Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Culture Virginia Theological Seminary

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