Thursday, July 5, 2018

As the newest addition to the Field Ed., now CXM, Department, I've entered the position during a period of exciting change for the program. Not just a change of name and terminology, but of program design and energy.
In talks with Dean Markham, Dr. Robert Heaney, and CACs, we've explored ideas about collaboration for new CXM possibilities through our current relationships within the national church and the Anglican Communion. I've enjoyed learning directly from these folks what rich resources we have at our disposal.
Through e-mails and meetings with the Communications Department, we've worked on how to more effectively communicate our goals to the wider community and possible future sites and supervisors. A special thank you to Elizabeth Panox-Leach for her infinite patience with my constant questions.
Finally, with the roll-out of our new learning management system, with thanks to Prof. Stacy Williams-Duncan, Jenn Baker, and the rest of the Digital Learning team, we've seen how we can better facilitate learning for those we serve most directly: our seminarians. It is through the empowerment of this new generation of leaders, both clergy and lay, that we will better serve the Church, the wider Communion, and the wider world.
While I'm thanking people, I'd also like to thank our Director, Dr. Allison St. Louis, and our Coordinator, Carol Jubinski, for allowing me to jump in feet first and (attempt) to contribute ideas from day one.
While some of these things aren't currently set in stone, I look forward to seeing how we can continue to grow, refine, and redefine ourselves.
I'm just happy to be along for the ride.
Carissa Riedesel
Administrative Assistant for the Department of Contextual Ministry
(That still sounds so cool.)

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