Tuesday, July 17, 2018

One of the resolutions emerging from General Convention 2018 was a commitment to begin the process of liturgical revision in the Episcopal Church. Everyone with access to a keyboard is weighing in on this with – how shall I put it? – various levels of sophistication. In fact it will take some time to feel our way into the work for which the resolution calls. Today I will simply say that, after taking counsel with other liturgists of the church in a dual site conference at Virginia Seminary and Sewanee, I think the resolution was a good outcome. (For those interested, the proceedings of that conference are in Vol. 61:1 of the Sewanee Theological Review.)
Suffice to say for now that the GC resolution both signals the normativity of the paschal theology of the 1979 book and its continuing usage, while committing us to a church wide exploration of emerging liturgical practice and issues.  Details remain to be worked out in the composition of a Task Force to be appointed, and the relationship between its work and that of both the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music and diocesan leadership. More in this space tomorrow on some of the particulars of the resolution.
The Rev. James W. Farwell, Ph.D.
Professor of Theology and Liturgy
Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs

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