Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Facilities Management experienced another busy season in FY18. We completed renovation of two campus homes. We managed over 25 office moves and relocations and we just completed painting the interior of Bohlen and Aspinwall Halls in new rich vibrant colors. The maintenance and grounds departments continue to make incremental changes that are enhancing the beauty, comfort and safety of our campus.

We have many projects planned for FY19. One that we are extremely excited about is the installation of swipe key access to the exterior doors of all campus buildings and installing security cameras at each of those entrances. This is phase one of a multi-phase program to make our campus more secure. We will be piloting an auto mower on campus later this year as an environmentally friendly option for lawn mowing. We are now responsible for all room set-ups on campus and we strive to deliver all of this and much more in the spirit of excellence.

Please join me in thanking the team that keeps our buildings and grounds infrastructure working and strives to respond to all service request from the entire community of faculty, staff and students every day! Dave Mutscheller, John Erbe, Friton Franz (Fritz), Steve Slominski, Stuart Dahlinger, Santino Dut, Chris Holder, Victor Hurtado, Tim Lawhorn, Tom Leake, Nathan Neufer, Jose Reyes, Ronnie Saunders, Griffin Warder, Wesley Warder and Tak Yim.

For today:

“I’m tired of sailing my little boat far inside the harbor bar. I want to go out where the big ships float, on the deep where the great ones are. And should my frail craft prove to slight, for the waves that sweep those billow o’er, I’d rather go down in a stirring fight than drowse to death by the sheltered shore.”

Jacqueline F. Ballou, MBA, CPA
Vice President for Finance and Operations
Chief Financial Officer

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